08/11/19 Open lab log

08/11/19 (LEO, AL, ROMAN, MARTHA)
Weather:  Sunny, nice, 70’s-80’s – outdoor operations

Name of visitor – Reason for visit – Action taken – Notes

Justin – Loose accessory,Saddle adjustment – Tighten loose accessory,Adjust seat – Justin’s rear rack needed a couple of bolts, also seat was too low.

Charlie – Wheel issue(s),Gears – Other – Ongoing issues of shifting problems and possibly mismatched components

Caryn – Pedal/crank issue,Low tire pressure-  Crank/pedal adjustment,Pump up tire(s) – Caryn is from AZ but was here and about to ride up through Canada! Her bike was in great shape, but she just wanted to check crank tightness and also needed a little air in her tires.

Shane – Bike check – Overall bike check – Bike hadn’t been used for a very long time, needs: new tires and tubes, lots of adjustments that we spelled out for him. Timing not great for a return visit as he is leaving for college. Maybe his dad will come by, as he will be using it.

Eric – Low tire pressure – Pump up tire(s) – Family of four, bikes in great shape but all needed air.

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