08/04/19 Open lab log

08/04/19 (LEO, ROMAN, MARTHA)
Weather:  Sunny, 80’s – indoor operations

We decided to set up indoors again this week. It turned out to be a super-busy time. Most of today’s visitors had multiple issues and a lengthy stay – great day!

Name of visitor – Reason for visit-  Action taken – Notes

Gideon and Vivian – Brakes,Wheel issue(s),Gears Brake adjustment,True wheel(s),Derailleur adjustment – Lots of miscellaneous and interesting work on a kid’s bike

Nina – Bike check – Pump up tire(s),Chain measure/discuss,Overall bike check- Nice Bianchi from Craigslist, several adjustments, and good to go!

Patrick – Pedal/crank issue – Tighten pedal

Megan – Bike check – Pump up tire(s),Lube,Brake adjustment

Nicholas – Bike check – Derailleur adjustment,Lube,True wheel(s)

Agi – Low tire pressure – Pump up tire(s)

Zak – Brakes – Brake adjustment

Donal – Flat tire(s),Brakes Patch tire(s),Brake adjustment

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