07/28/19 Open lab log

07/28/19 (LEO, AL, MARTHA)
Weather:  Sunny, 80’s.

We decided to set up indoors again this week. It turned out to be a super-busy time.


Name of visitor – Reason for visit – Action taken – Notes

John and Molly – Bike check – Tighten headset,Pump up tire(s),Adjust seat,Brake adjustment

Charlie – Gears – Derailleur adjustment Front derailleur – very hard to get into gear on largest chainring – not entirely resolved yet.

Unknown – Gears – None – Unfortunately, unclear what the exact problem was. He’s been here before, with same e-bike – we managed to get derailleur working at that time, and it was still okay. We did not have sufficient knowledge of Spanish to understand what the issue was.

Unknown – Pedal/crank issue – Was looking for a particular tool to take apart a cluster. He left before we could really look at it.

Unknown – Wheel issue(s) – Did not have an active issue, but passers by were interested in wheel truing. Al gave a quick demo.

DJimy – Brakes – Brake handle missing pivot bolt; needs to find a replacement.

Richard – Saddle adjustment,Low tire pressure Adjust seat,Pump up tire(s)

Aaron – Loose accessory – Rack lost bolt, we found a replacement

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