07/14/19 Open lab log

07/14/19 (LEO, AL, MARTHA)
Weather: Hot, sunny, 80’s

Hot day today, but we decided to set up outside.  Not too much traffic, but most bikes that were brought in needed a fair amount of time and work to resolve issues.

Name of visitor Reason for visit Action taken Notes
Justin Gears,Bike check Derailleur install,Brake adjustment Rear derailleur all bent out of shape on a recently-acquired used bike. Lots of time working on it, eventually able to use. Also, brakes adjusted.
Aaron Brakes Brake adjustment Needed tightening
Hannah & Mike Chain issue Other One link was tight and not rolling through the derailleur wheels properly. Used chain tool to spread and loosen.
David Gears Other Had a box of clusters, wanted to see if we had tools to break them down. He left before we could be definitive about it.
Phil Bike check Overall bike check,Brake adjustment,Derailleur adjustment,Lube

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