07/07/19 Open lab log

Weather: Hot, sunny, 80’s

Not super-busy today, but lots of people out riding, and several stopping by with questions. The owner of the yellow Serotta in the photo has been happy with her bike for decades! Leo and Martha enjoyed talking with her while her companion worked with Nathan to look into a couple of issues. Leo and Martha used to know Ben Serotta way back in the day in Saratoga Springs, NY, where Ben ran a bike shop called – The Bike Shop – before he started his long and successful career as a frame builder.

Here’s a quick look at the day:

Name of visitor Reason for visit Action taken
Unknown Low tire pressure Pump up tire(s)
Unknown Local biking guidance Directions to Science Museum
Mario Gears Derailleur adjustment,Lube
Isabel Low tire pressure,Chain issue Pump up tire(s),Lube
Christina Chain issue,Other Lube,Other (tightened bell)
Mikel Low tire pressure Pump up tire(s)
Anastasia Low tire pressure,Bike check Pump up tire(s),Derailleur adjustment,Lube
Jay Gears Derailleur adjustment
Unknown Gears Quick discussion after closing – will come back next week

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