06/30/19 Open lab log

Weather: Cool, 70’s, rain in forecast

Great day at the bike lab today. The threat of rain kept us indoors, but that didn’t people from coming out to learn how to keep their bikes running.






Non-stop action included:

Name of visitor Reason for visit Action taken
Marc Flat tire,Bike check New tube and/or tire,Chat about local biking resources and customs,Derailleur adjustment,Brake adjustment; Marc had emailed ahead, purchased new tire and tube.
Claire Gears,Low tire pressure,Chain issue Derailleur adjustment,Pump up tire(s),Lube
Paige Low tire pressure,Gears,Brakes Patch tire(s),Derailleur adjustment,Brake adjustment
Erin Low tire pressure,Gears New tube and/or tire,Derailleur adjustment
Jay Gears,Chain issue,Brakes Chain install,Brake adjustment,Derailleur adjustment; Lots of connected issues to resolve – new cluster and chain installed,  brakes tightened, analyze fit of larger cogs with derailleur

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