06/23/19 Open lab log

06/23/19 (LEO, MARTHA)
Weather: Sunny, hot, 80’s

Pretty busy time today, met a lot of fun people of all ages with all sorts of bikes and bike questions. Everyone is always super-enthusiastic about riding and what they’re learning when they stop by.

Emmy had emailed ahead to ask what might be needed for a flat tire on a child’s bike, and arrived with a new tube of the right size. We tried patching it, but then learned there were other holes, and moved on to install a new tube. Both kids were a lot of fun to work with. The youngest had a bike with training wheels that didn’t fit the bike. He was happy to give bike riding a shot without the training wheels. By the time this post goes up, we suspect he’s got it down!


The lineup:

Emmy and family Flat tire(s),Bike check Patch tire(s),New tube and/or tire,Overall bike check. Bonus: bike riding lesson
Erin Low tire pressure,Gears Pump up tire(s),Derailleur adjustment
Unknown Gears Derailleur adjustment. This was an e-bike with damaged engine, so the goal was to make the derailleur functional again (it had a bent hanger and tensioner wheel cage). Fixed that, adjusted gears, all set, though that makes for a heavy bike!
John Low tire pressure Pump up tire(s)
Ethan Gears Derailleur adjustment,Lube
Ranjan Lubrication Lube
Alex Low tire pressure Pump up tire(s)
Dylan Brakes Noisy front brake. Adjusted using shim method on pads;  helped somewhat, but not 100%
Noah Low tire pressure,Brakes Pump up tire(s),Brake adjustment
Meredith Local biking guidance,Low tire pressure Pump up tire(s)
Sue Chain issue Lube

Some photos:


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