06/16/19 Open lab log

06/16/19 (LEO, ROMAN, MARTHA)
Weather: Light rain, 70’s

Not a very nice day outside today, but we have lots of great space indoors, and knew of at least two bikes headed our way.






Erin crashed into into a tree last fall (he was okay), and he wanted to check it over before riding it again.








Carol hadn’t used her bike in a while, and was pretty happy to stop by and get some help readying it for riding.







Finally, a friend gave Martha an old Raleigh 3-speed that we just knew would be of interest to Roman, one of our regular volunteers. He got it running and Martha was able to loan it to the niece of another bike lab visitor who was in town for a few days, visiting from New Jersey.

Name of visitor Reason for visit Action taken
Erin Bike check Overall bike check,Lube,Patch tire(s),Brake adjustment,Tighten headset


Carol Bike check Overall bike check,Pump up tire(s),Brake adjustment,Lube,Tighten headset


Martha Bike check on orphaned old Raleigh 3-speed Overall bike check,Pump up tire(s),Brake and gear adjustment,Lube, Adjust seat


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