06/09/19 Open lab log

06/09/19 (LEO, ALAN, MARTHA)
Weather: Sunny, low 80’s

Nice summer weather today, with a nice variety of issues to work on.

See below for an overview.

Name of visitor Reason for visit Action taken
Chris and Kara Brakes Brake adjustment
Ryan Low tire pressure Pump up tire(s)
Unknown Gears Derailleur adjustment
Jay Bike check Overall bike check, will be back
Jacob Gears Other
Paul from Malden Local biking guidance Chat about local biking resources and customs
Cary Low tire pressure Pump up tire(s)
Emily Chain issue,Lubrication Lube
Laura Gears,Lubrication Derailleur adjustment,Lube
Chandresh Low tire pressure (same child’s bike as last week) Referral

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