05/19/19 Open lab log

05/19/19 (LEO, MARTHA, ROMAN)
Weather: Cool with showers

We had lots of free swag from Mass Bike, and hauled in a nice new tent and weights for setting up in the sun, but an unexpected change in the forecast put a damper on our second attempt at holding an open lab during Bay State Bike Week.

We set up indoors and were happy to see someone walking down the path with a bike and looking for the bike lab. Roger hadn’t ridden his bike in a little while, and wanted us to give it an overall check. Everything was a little dirty but in good working order. The only adjustment was to lower the seat a bit.

After Roger left, Leo and Roman did a little work on Leo’s crunch bike, which seems to be ready for a new chain and cluster.

That’s a wrap for our Spring schedule. Our regular weekly programming begins on June 2.



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