04/28/19 Open lab log

04/28/19 (LEO, MARTHA, ROMAN)
Weather: Cool, some sun, then clouds and a few drops at 1:00

It was a very busy 2.5 hours before things slowed down just as the weather changed. Here is the summary:

Name of visitor In a group of some kind? Reason for visit Action taken
Marianne No New bike Marianne had built most of her new bike the previous day, and came to us for final adjustments and to check everything over: Brake adjustment,Pump up tire(s),Derailleur adjustment,Adjust fender(s)
Eamon No Gears Derailleur install
T No Wheel issue(s) Referral – we were missing the correct cassette removal tool (need to think about getting some more); owner will go to bike shop to get spokes replaced
Alex No Pedal/crank issue Referral – could not remove pedal
Sandra A couple New bike Check everything over: Wheel install,Derailleur adjustment,Pump up tire(s)
Gary No Chain issue – gears slipping Referral,Chain measure/discuss (needs new chain – very stretched)
Alex A family Wheel issue(s) None – owner noticing some creaking on spokes. We couldn’t advise tweaking the spokes in the event that one or two might be frozen. The wheel was remarkably true, so we especially didn’t want to mess with it.

It was also fun to watch the cool Run of the Charles canoe and kayak (and paddleboard!) race that was taking place right next to us on the Charles River. As boats came around the corner from the Moody Street dam, we did see several racers go overboard or get stuck in low branches.

Fortunately, no one appeared to have been injured. The river was really moving!

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