10/7/18 Open lab log

10/7/2018 (LEO, NATHAN)
Weather: warm (70s) sunny

Oops, no photos for you today, but it was another good day at the bike lab. Not too many people stopped by, but as always, it was great to work with every one. We LOVE welcoming kids to the bike lab. Christie and family were super-enthusiastic!

Peter: Oil chain. Check stretch (result: chain at end of “good” zone)

Christie: Raise handlebars, filled tires, centered front brakes. Checked seat height on 2 child’s bikes: raised on one. Interested in “bike rodeo” for elementary school: we suggested she contact John Allen.

Preston: Lube chain, check stretch (ok), Check brakes.

Unidentified person: Inflate tires, tighten front derailleur cable.

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