9/23/18 Open lab log

9/23/2018 (LEO, ALAN, CONSUELO)
Weather: 60-69 degrees, Cool

Name not recorded: Needed air in her tires and her kick stand adjusted. She took a picture and said she’d post it.

Mike: Single speed bike where the chain popped. Seemed to be working now, though.

Joe: Came in with a wobbly tire. Roman inspected it. Turns out the tired got hit and damaged the rim. Roman worked on it and improved it but the rim needs replacing.

Toni’s family came in with a rear flat and a broken chain on 2 kids bikes. We gave them lights, too.

Krystal & Frank: A couple arrived with a complaint that the rear wheel is making noise. Roman diagnosed that ti’s the rear fender and adjusted.

Mr. Cho: Gentleman came in with a seat that needed adjustment.

Rod: Wanted to use the bike stand to pump his mountain bike shock absorption.

Chris and other person: Squeaky bikes. Leo and Alan are diagnosing the issue, though, it’s unclear what the origin is. Chris’s caliper needed an adjustment. The other person’s rim brakes needed centering and lubed.


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