9/16/18 Open lab log


Weather warm (80s) sunny

Another great day at the bike lab, with lots of people out enjoying what weather forecasters dubbed the last real summery day of the year.

Mikel: Mikel has been at the bike lab before, so it was great to see him come back with a new project. This time he brought a new rear shift cable to install. He wanted tool and process and guidance/verification. Was able to use the bike stand and tools, working mostly independently. The install went fine.

Sam: Wanted info regarding saddle, bike styles (fixie, road, hybrid,..) and general maintenance. Lengthy, interesting discussion with someone wanting to up his riding time.

Kenny & Carla: On Kenny’s bike, tighten saddle: pitch teeth worn at desired pitch so compromised by one position and advised to replace clamping hardware. Carla: Inflate tires: discuss Schrader vs. Presta. Checked brakes.

Liz & Finn: It was fun to meet @bike_lab Twitter follower Liz and her son Finn. Finn’s older brother had outgrown his bike and it is now Finn’s, but already the bike seemed a little small for Finn. After raising the saddle as far as we could, it was a better fit and will probably get him through the fall.  Also adjusted brakes and tightened kickstand.

Bob: Bike 1) Crank noises: Tighten cranks and bearing nut. Bike 2) Bob was so happy with getting his first bike in better shape, he returned with another. On this one, the chain was totally stretched, and we advised that he replace it. Cogs didn’t appear worn (not sure how the chain got so stretched), so advised to wait until test with new chain to decide about replacing cluster.

Barb & Geoff: Lubed squeaky chains.

Lisa: Air x 2

Michael: Chain skip: Another stretched chain .. advised replacement of it and cluster.

Name not recorded: Adjust rear shifting: Limits and tension completely messed up: only getting 4 out of 6 available gears. Also lubed derailleur pivots.

Name not recorded: Shifting sluggish: lubed rear derailleur pivots and cable/housing. Minor tension adjustment.

Name not recorded: Brake adjustment.

As we were about packed up for the day, Waltham’s Ward 9 Councillor Robert Logan stopped by with neighborhood constituents who had gathered to walk the ward. Great group of folks – we told them what we were up to, and encouraged them to dig out their old bikes and bring them in to give them a quick maintenance check so they can get out and enjoy a bike ride!

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