9/2/18 Open lab log

SUN 9/2/18 (LEO, MARTHA)

Weather Sunny 75 – 80

We’re excited that all our tools, stands, banner, etc., are now located in a single space inside the Charles River Museum. This week was our first time setting up and taking down from our new storage area – much more efficient!


  • Adjust right brake centering.
  • Review lube and general maintenance.

Anthony: General discussion of how to keep the bike clean.

Rider from Boston: Use map to show route to Auburndale.


  • Lube chain,
  • Demonstrate and give pant leg wrap,
  • Spoke protector loose, but still effective. We left it on and advised him to replace.





Kristine: We were honored to have Waltham’s Ward 7 City Councillor Kristin Mackin stop by the bike lab on her way to an event. She showed us some odd-shaped bulges in one of her tires, though sidewalls did not appear worn. We advised her to get a spare tire ASAP and return to bike lab next week if she needs help with installation. This is always a ricky recommendation, given there are n bike shopos in walking distance opoen on Sundays, and we do not stock new tubes and tires. Later on, we received the following on our twitter account @bike_lab:

<S I G H>

Next up: Misha: We tried to adjust handlebars, but they were frozen. We reviewed how to free up and rotate. Misha will continue to work on it.


  • Cady’s bike had an annoying little squeak when pedaling. Hate it when that happens! We greased the crank bearings, as they were pretty dry, but that was not it. We then did two attempts at oiling the pedal bearings. No go on the first, but on the second 2nd attempt, a less viscous oil penetrated the assembly better and it was a success!
  • We also centered the front brake.

Last person: Talked about path etiquette and safety.


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