8/26/18 Open lab log


Weather Sunny 75

Beautiful weather today. Lots of people out riding, including Lime Bikes from neighboring towns (Waltham will be online hopefully sometime soon), and plenty of miscellaneous issues to keep us busy at the bike lab.


  • Use 15mm wheel nut wrench,
  • Patch sidewall blowout with folded dollar bill,
  • Patch leaking tube (used personal patch kit),
  • Splice rim tape with band-aids.

We think our work with Richard gets a Triple Innovation Award today. He used the Charles River to find the leak in his tire tube, then we spliced his rim tape using 2-3 bandaids from our first aid kit, and finally, since his tube was about to blow out of his sidewall, he placed a dollar bill in the sidewall to hold it all together. We have since sicked up some rim tape to have on hand, though it is pricey and may require a request for a donation if possible.

David: Use chain tool (e-bike)

Next rider: Adjust both derailleurs (including re-positioning of front derailleur on seat tube) to be able to use favorite gear (did not want to even discuss changing gears).

Another rider: Lube and tighten headset bearings

Matt: General maintenance review and run-through:

  • Adjust rear derailleur,
  • lube chain,
  • tighten front brake,
  • inflate tires,
  • fix backwards mounted computer sensor.


  • Front brake frozen. Lube and manual movement to free-up to usability. Couldn’t disassemble to clean sticky bushing because attachment nut frozen to bolt. Maybe will loosen with more use.
  • Fill tires.

Next rider: Quick tire inflation check with pump gauge. Ruled out slow leak.

Brennan & Emily:

  • Brennan: Brakes rubbing – centered.
  • Emily: Adjust seat height.

George: Front disc brake pad adjustment.

Ken: Adjust derailleurs and lube chain.


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