8/5 Open lab log


Location: outdoors

Weather: Hot hot!

It got pretty busy this week, but lots of accomplishments after a difficult first encounter. Read on!



Father and 2 sons:
One son’s bike needed air in tires. We let out air in one tire to straighten stem before adding air The bead had slipped out of the rim so when we filled the tire, the tube blew. It was a 20″ tire and we didn’t have a replacement tube. The boy and bike were picked up by Mom in car. It was a very frustrating and sad experience for us. We I apologized to dad and son, offered to pay for replacement tube, etc. and explained what we had done that caused the blowout. Dad stopped by later to let us know he has a tube on order.
At that visit, the other son’s seat pitch wouldn’t tighten. Nuts were offset such that one side wouldn’t tighten .. we were able to fix that. It appeared the Dad left a donation. Clearly a very patient and understanding person.

Unidentified man:
Small motion in crank axle. We found the bearing tightening nut was a bit loose. We thought it would probably be necessary to pull the crank to get at the nut, but if he can’t take the time to do that today, it won’t self-destruct too fast. Person said he really was just looking for problem ID and would get it fixed.
Checking tools afterwards: we may have a large “cone” wrench that might have fit.

Had new tire and tube. Some swapping of new and existing tires and tubes resulted in fully functional system and a spare tube. Had to remove reflector to fit new tire in front. Marc will re-install that at home.

Nice used Masi light, no suspension, mountain style (for commuting).
Rear wheel motion, brakes rubbing. Also wants higher top gearing.
For gearing Leo suggested a 52 tooth chainring (there appears to be derailleur take-up capability) (to replace the existing 50 tooth).
New cluster causes rear tire offset necessitating significant offset of brakes.
We couldn’t get existing tightening spike (like a quick release with hand tighten nut on 1 end and non-standard hex fitting on other) to clamp the wheel. Gave him a quick release we had as spare part. That worked.

Rear derailleur cable needed tlc and re-tensioning. The derailleur/shifter/cluster aren’t compatible so that 8 positions on the shifter result in 7 positions on the cluster .. chain skipping in some gears. Adjusted so 1, 2 and 6, 7 cluster gears ok. Charlie will look into what parts he wants to trade out to get a compatible system.

Unidentified man:
Squeaking .. lube chain. Also add ferrule to brake cable.

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