7/15/18 Open lab log

SUN 7/15/18 (LEO, MARTHA)

Location: outdoors

Weather: hot and sunny (93 degrees)

Was it the hot weather or the World Cup that kept the number of visitors low today? Not sure, but we did have a few encounters. Here’s the summary:

Amy: Amy brought her bike in after not having ridden it in a while. The bike was missing its rear wheel quick-release skewer. Martha made a quick ride home to pick one up that had been donated to us a few weeks ago. It’s alittle short, but works for now. We also reviewed brake & shifting adjustment principles and procedures, adjusted the brakes, and inflated both tires. Amy took it for a spin and it’s good to go!

Greg: Rear shifter was “skipping.” Shifting appears ok, however, and so we just did a minor limit and centering adjustment and reviewed use of shifters, including “illegal gears.”

Matt: This was a general check. Oiled chain to “stop squeaking.” Tweaked rear derailleur limits and centering. Performed some brake pad alignment and centering.

Haley: Offset front brake pads to address squeaking.



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