7/8/18 Open lab log


Location: outdoors
Weather: Hot & Sunny (95 deg)
Location: outdoors
Weather: Sunny (85 deg)
Notes: other volunteer – Roman

Another hot day today, but a steady stream of riders came by with various issues.

Andrew: Lube chain

Such: Lube rusty chain, adjust and lube brakes, pump tires. On rear derailleur, clean rust and cable tension adjustment

Ralph: Adjust rear derailleur and brakes

Doug: This one wins today’s prize for the weirdest problem! Doug’s bike had significant corrosion from travel in the Florida auto train (was it salt air? nearby battery leak?) So weird! Every little part was rusted or frozen solid, including the rear derailleur tension adjuster. To try to get around that, we did we did a small cable tension adjustment with cable clamp, lube rear derailleur and brake pivots.

John: Small front chain ring had come off: we have chain ring bolts but the chain ring was bent so we had to leave it as it was.

Josh: Donated Shimano cassette EMFTZ317434T. We reviewed shifting adjustment and maintenance info.

A man came by to pump up his tires.

Sarah and Antay: Antay needs a new chain (it is stretched beyond both gauge lengths).  We worked with Sarah to perform a minor brake adjustment.

Josh: Brake adjustment and rear derailleur pivot adjustment.

Mikhail and Cady: Cady – raise handlebar. Mikhail – brake adjustments.

Just as we were done closing up, a couple came by walking their bikes. One of them had run over a tack and had a flat. We felt badly that we couldn’t help them right on the spot, but tools and pumps were inside the building and it was museum closing time. They will either go to Frank’s Spoke ‘N Wheel, located near their apartment, or come back next Sunday if the bike isn’t needed before then.

                                                      Til next time – safe riding!

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