6/24/18 Open lab log

SUN 6/24/18 (LEO, ROMAN)

Location:   outdoors

Weather:  cloudy, low 70’s

Kind of raw weather today, but that didn’t stop people from being out and about on their bikes. Many thanks to Roman for dropping by again and helping out! Always a pleasure to have him volunteer with us.

Justin – air in tires, adjust both brakes. On rear brake, missing one screw – adjusted ok for now, but need to get a replacement screw.


William – air in both tires

Teresa – air in both tires

Lorraine – clean seat post and tighten seat post (quick release)

Larry – adjust rear wheel bearings and true rear wheel; adjust rear brake; adjust seat; air in rear wheel

Lauren – quick check on new (used) bike; fill tires; lube chain

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