6/18/18 Open lab log

SUN 6/17/18 (LEO, MARTHA)

Location:  outdoors

Weather: sunny, hot

Notes: other volunteer – Roman; We need more chain lube.

A couple of longer projects today, as well as several quick in-and-outs.

Beth – interested in doing some bike maintenance workshops at Watertown High. We talked about possible resources for that, including ourselves and CommonWheels in Allston. She’ll be in touch.

Dennis stopped by looking for a rear shift cable ferrule, which we had and he installed.

Donna came by to get some basic information about the bike lab. She plans to return another week with her bike. She’s trying to get it back on the road and wants to figure out what might need to be fixed up to make that happen. She was happy to hear that we show people how to do it rather than just do it for them.

Dan’s rear brake was rubbing and his wheel was pretty out of tune. He needed to go join his family (Fathers’ Day, after all…) but returned in a bit to look things over more closely. It turns out he had a broken spoke, so it didn’t make sense to try to true the wheel. Some adjustments were made to try to temporarily address the brake situation, and he will look into getting a spoke either installed at a shop, or return to the bike lab for help doing it himself.

John came by with his bike and a new set of pedals to install.

He was having a lot of trouble getting the old pedals off the bike. He and Leo worked on it … and worked on it… and then worked on it some more.

When everything was finally complete, John remarked, “It looked so easy on the internet!”

Beth came back with her bike, an older model Schwinn for cruising around. Fortunately, Roman arrived at about the same time. Roman is a fabulous volunteer with tons of knowledge of these older bikes. Roman and Beth installed a new tube, did a quick adjust on the front bearings, and fixed front rubbing on the brakes.

Charlie came by with rear wheel out of true. Spoke turned out to be broken. Made a quick adjustment, but Charlie needs to get a new spoke.

A rider came by with a quick-release seat that wasn’t tight enough to keep the seat from slipping. Adjusted.

Sharon stayed for an hour or so while Leo worked with her on a spoke issue that started a few months ago. She will also need to get a new spoke. Oiled chain. Adjusted rear brake and looked at the front fork, which may have been damaged at some point because it’s very hard to hold open to put the wheel on (takes two people, one to hold the folk open and one to install the wheel).


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