5/20 Open lab log

SUN 5/20/18 (LEO, MARTHA)

Location:  outdoors

Weather: 70-80 degrees, mixed sun and clouds

It was another back-to-back busy day at the bike lab today, the second Sunday and final day of Bay State Bike Week.  Here’s the run-down:

Bob – fix slow leak on rear tire.

Mela – raise seat, fill tires.

Eden – head set plastic debris gasket was squeaky – fixed with small amount of oil.

Roxanne – front brake rubbing – wheel was out of true, with one spoke quite loose. Fixed.

Difficult to reach brake levers – rotated for better reach; changed spring tension positions and fine adjusted w/screws.

Jim – air in tires.

Julie – shim the brakes.

Mark – tighten seat.

Weronika – oil chain.

Charlie – move front derailleur (continues from last bike lab).

Emily – broken gear shifter (3-speed Nexus) – unable to set it into anything but 1st gear, plastic broken, must be replaced.

Fozzie came with his dad, bike, and new brake pads. Unfortunately, we’d put the wrong closing time on the website, and we didn’t have time. We did have time to show them how to do it and they might try it at home. Otherwise, maybe June 10.

One other person came along with a slow leak. We had to wait on this one as well. (Update: we saw this same person at a City meeting and the air appears to be holding! Maybe it simply had gone down over the course of the winter when the bike wasn’t in use.)

Notes: We could use some English tools, scissors, a clipboard box, bike manual


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