10/8 Open lab log


Location:  inside

Weather: drizzle at 10:30, band of showers passing through until about 1PM, then cloudy Temps in 70s.

We set up inside. 2 stations worked non-stop from 10:30 through 1:40.

Jonathan: Adjust rear derailleur, rear brake (just needed lube), brake lever position.

Karen: Adjust handlebar center and rotation, adjust and tighten kickstand, Replace brake cable/housing, checked tires for leak. Also replaced tube in small child’s bike wheel. Karen was return customer and supplied parts.

Maureen & Richard: Maureen: Straighten bent derailleur wheel cage, re-assembled/seated r.derailleur cable tension device and adjusted, adjusted brakes. Richard: Review use of brake lever shifters.
Filled all 4 tires.

Jim: Recumbent bike with 3-speed-hub/derailleur combo shifting. 3 speed shifting failure because shift chain exiting hub unable to align with angle of shift cable. Shift cable would not unscrew, so had to remove wheel and rotate axel 180 deg. so shift chain could accommodate chain exit angle. Adjust 3 speed shift cable tension.

Betty: Lube rear brake pivot LS., lube cable housing. Shifting somewhat slow: recommend new cables. Adj. brake pad position (rubbing on tire sidewall). Much advice wanted on bike fit, types of bikes, etc.

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