9/10 Open lab log

Sun 9/10 (Nathan, Jennifer)

Location: outside

Weather: nice, mid-70’s

A woman came in with a coaster brake that wasn’t working very well. We weren’t sure how to adjust it. After taking it off the bike, fiddling a bit, and putting it back together, it seemed to work better. 

Adjusted brakes and rear derailleur on a new Walmart bike. Wheels were also slightly out of true. The owner may come back to have that looked at.

Adjusted brakes, derailleurs, and seat, lubed chain and pumped up tires on another bike. 

Straightened handlebars on a threaded stem.

The guy with the BMX chainring showed up and we were able to remove it.

A family came in with a couple of bikes to look at:

– The dad’s bike needed brake adjustment. The bottom bracket was also a little loose but he didn’t have time for us to work on it. We advised him to bring it back or take it to a bike shop.

– On the daughter’s bike we adjusted brakes and brake lever reach. The front wheel was missing an axle nut. We didn’t have a replacement but told them to get one ASAP.

Two people came in at the last minute needed brake adjustments.


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