8/20 Open lab log

Sun 8/20 (Leo, Martha)

Location: outside

Weather: nice, upper-70’s

  • Danny and Alia – stopped by because they saw a poster for the East Coast River Relay at Starbucks up by Market Basket (maybe Sonja from the Waltham Land Trust put it there). Mostly they wanted to see what we’re about and Danny especially was interested in getting involved. General discussion of cycling around Waltham as well.
  • Michael has a son who is a new international student at Brandeis. He was out scoping out Waltham and wanted to see what we do. His son will probably be looking for a used bike.
  • Jonathan – Rear sidepull brake was stuck, turned out to be stuck under the rear rack. Also centered same brake. Heard of us on Twitter; is a Twitter follower.
  • Someone came by to pump up her tires.
  • Jessica – interested in general maintenance of her bike. Leo put it up on the stand and did a general run-though of the sorts of things to look for. They also adjusted her rear derailleur.
  • Katie and Alyssa –
    • Seat with large springs, and one had become stuck. Worked a long time trying different things to free it up until finally we noticed it just needed to be yanked into a straight position. The rest followed. The problem was originally caused by their having moved a front basket to sit on a rack on th eback, but it was too long and pressed into the back of the seat. It also made it impossible for the rider to sit back on the seat. We fiddled with all that a bit with some temporary adjustments to get them home to Auburndale, where they’ll probably secure it with a bungee cord, out of the way of the seat.
    • Kickstand bolt needed tightening.
    • Took some swag.
  • Rebecca – a neighbor of the bike lab, had lots of questions about bikes and riding. Leo showed her how to adjust her rear derailleur, which was skipping all over the place.
  • Guy on a recumbent came by and lubed his chain.
  • Michael – tires needed air.
  • Dan Driscoll from Mass DCR dropped by on his ride through Waltham. Didn’t think to get a photo of him but he probably would have liked that. Dan is Director of Recreational Facilities for the DCR and is responsible for much of the greenway all along the Charles; now working on MCRT as well. He’s enthusiastic about our work and wanted to see how we’re doing, what it’s all about, etc. in person as he came by. We talked about possible locations for bike racks – not as simple as it might seem, but anyhow he is aware of request to have one and is looking into it.
  • Someone who had gotten a light from us some earlier week was wondering how to change the battery, so we showed her how to open it up.
  • Sandra and Charlie (of Patriot Taxi) came by for conversation, photo op and swag. Charlie tweeted out a photo on Twitter.
  • Hanna – some shifting problems diagnosed and resolved.
  • Greg – came by a little late, but we were able to help him out with his questions. He hasn’t been riding in a number of years but dug out his old Gary Fisher. He was interested in what we thought about keeping it or replacing it – what did it need to get on the road (he had driven it in a car to get here). We showed him how to adjust the brakes, but the rear brake center spring broke when the screw was turned and will have to be replaced. Lubed front brake and rear derailleur systems. With some air in the tires he was bale to ride it back to his car.  

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