8/13 Open lab log

Sun 8/13 (Haink, Nicole)

Location: outside

Weather: nice, upper 70’s-low 80’s

This was a very busy bike lab. Thankfully, we had the help of John Allen.  

  • 3 – 4 people stopped by to pump up their tires.
  • Someone stopped by to get some advice on what to do with their bike they hadn’t used in a while.
  • A woman stopped by to have a bike evaluated for her son (who had ridden it over there; someone gave it to them). The cable housing was really cracked and probably could have replaced cables and housing for both rear and front brakes (not really working at all; also had a BMX bike headset). At that point, we determined that she probably should have a shop look at it.
  • Woman stopped by because she had a flat. Both the adhesive and rubber cement patches came off her tube (!!) so we were not able to solve.
  • Guy stopped by with cracked rear cog from rear freewheel. In order to truly fix, we would need special locknut tool that we don’t have, but just made it a lower gear single speed for him to get by.
  • Chris – someone gave him a bike so he wanted to get it working. He was missing a nut on his quick release and had a sticky shifter that needed attention. Adjusted rear brake and lubed chain. Was able to get his flat fixed.
  • Peter – Had an older bike that he wanted to tune up. Had to adjust shifting and brakes. John gave him a nice, thorough history about his bike. Peter’s wife might eventually stop by with her bike.
  • Brenda – rear brake needed adjustment. Had regular, creaky noise that we couldn’t quite chase down but seemed to involve the plastic parts on the front crank.
  • Couple with older mountain bike. Rear brake needed adjustment. Overall shifting bad (grip shifters). Front shifter appeared to be busted, rear was difficult to shift. Adjust rear as best as possible. Also had to adjust and tighten headset.
  • Naomi – hadn’t ridden in a while, so wanted to get a check-up on the bike. Tires needed air, bike was shifting poorly. Originally, we thought the shifter needed replacement but John said if we could get some lubrication on the moving parts, it might fix the problem. Pulled off the shifter and took it apart and reassembled it. Also, ended up re-tapping thread for derailleur barrel adjuster. Rear shifted great!  She may be back eventually to better fix the front shifter.

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