8/6/17 Open lab log

Sun 8/06 (Leo, Martha)

Location: outside

Weather: nice, mid-70’s

  • Leo worked for over 2 hours with a gentleman with a Schwinn that had been in a crash and had a bent derailleur. In the end, it was rendered serviceable but they had to set limit screws to prevent shifting too far and causing things to jam up.


  • Lauren and her mom Ines stopped by. Lauren is a high school intern at the Waltham Recycling Department and has been helpful getting information about the bike lab onto the City’s recycling pages. See http://www.city.waltham.ma.us/recycling-department/pages/reuse-repair-or-repurpose-items-that-cant-go-in-the-bin. They helped us set up and waited patiently for us to get to a couple of questions about the bike lab and Lauren’s bike. The front brake cable was really loose; showed Lauren how to tighten that. She completed that and then did the same on the rear brake. Ines took some nice photos that she was generous enough to send along by email. If we use photos, please attribute to Ines Boehnert.


  • Lisa came by with some questions about fit on her new bike. Due to an older injury, she is most comfortable with a fit that seems to be outside standard recommendations. We did what we could to move her seat as far forward as possible; hopefully that will help.
  • John Allen had contacted us ahead of time to see if we might be able to lend a repair stand and tools as may be needed to one of his Cycling Savvy students, Nancy. They came around 11:00 and installed an indexed handlebar-end shifter and put some air in the tires. The bike was an interesting road bike made by Georgena Terry – it has two different-sized wheels, with a 650c or 24” wheel in the front and more standard 700c in back.  
  • Saber stopped in and inquired about whether we might be able to fix a combination lock. He’s sure he set the combo, but now cannot open. Suggested he probably has to check with the locksmith on upper Moody Street. He will come back in two weeks with what sounds like a truing problem.
  • Three folks came by from Melrose. I think they had taken the commuter rail into Boston and then rode out to Waltham to have lunch at Margarita’s. One wheel needed truing, but they didn’t have time this week; might return in the future. Took some swag from Mass Bike Week.

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