7/30/17 Open lab log

Sun 7/30 (Nathan, Leo, Martha)

Location: outside

Weather: nice, upper-70’s

  • Will stopped by and said he wants to return  next week for some derailleur help.
  • Someone wanted to donate a bike for recycling. Explained we’re not set up to do that right now. Future possibility but certainly not this year.
  • The group of people who were going to come today ended up being two: the husband of the person whom we spoke with originally, and their friend Mahmood. They both brought bicycles. Nathan worked with Mahmood to re-center the rear wheel, which had come off-center in a crash, and to try to true both wheels. Not entirely able to be fixed as it was pretty off-center. We also walked Mahmood through fixing a flat, but then noticed that the tire sidewalls were shot and recommended he replace them right away before putting air in the tire (we learned the next week that this was done). 2017-07-30-1
  • Swag stop for a patch kit.
  • Roman had another Raleigh and was looking for some ferrules for his cables. We have a nice supply of ferrules for shift and brake cables.
  • Yerma and her young son (in a trailer) came by. Both brakes were stuck, so she lubed the cable a bit and that fixed it. The kickstand was wobbly, so we showed her how to tighten that up. Finally, brakes needed centering.
  • Benjamin came by with a chainring that was somehow missing some screws.  Also adjusted front and rear brakes as well as limits on the front derailleur. Also happy to grab some free swag.
  • Kristine also needed to have limit on front derailleur adjusted; also light mount needed tightening.
  • Marla stopped by for some free swag and a discussion about riding.
  • Someone had gears jumping – lubed to fix.
  • Someone came by and stopped to use the pump.
  • Someone needed 4 brake pads; with some difficulty and help from his friend, we decided he thought we could sell some. We advised going to buy some and coming back for help installing.
  • Tak stopped by to get some help with his skipping gears. Lubed the derailleur to fix it. Also lubed and centered rear brake.

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