7/16/17 Open lab log

Sun 7/16 (Leo, Martha)

Location: outside

Weather: hot, mostly clear, mid-80’s

  • Two gentlemen stopped by with an old bike – the cogs on cluster had fallen off the cluster. After a lot of work getting it off, it turns out that the smallest threaded cog was cracked. Then they brought back another bike with similar freewheel, took that off also after a lot of effort, but when we tried to substitute it onto the first bike, it thread portion was the wrong diameter. Don’t know if he’ll come back with a replacement, but he might.
  • Toni – front wheel falls off sometimes. Very strange, as nothing seemed to be wrong as far as how the wheel was seated. 
  • Someone with a Raleigh Grand Prix was having shifting problems. Fixed by adjusting the H-limit screw on rear derailleur. Also the rear rack was slipping, which blocked a cable. Fixed that and we were good to go.
  • Judy came by with her recumbent bike that has a rear derailleur as well as a 3-speed hub. The 3-speed had been detached so that she could use the bike indoors on a stand, and now she needed help getting it back together. All set.
  • A couple of people came by having broken off from the rest of their party on Moody Street. Someone had a flat on a 26” tire and they were wondering if we had any spares. We dug through the bag of used tubes and came up with something, which we patched together, but subsequently they came back saying it went down again. Can’t remember at this point if we found another leak or another tube, but I think they went on their way all patched up for the time being.  It was nice to have that stash – and might be nice to have a few standard tubes on hand. 
  • Connor came by with a question about pedals and bike stands. We were basically closed at this point but stuck around to converse a bit.

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