7/2/17 Open lab log

Sun 7/02 (Jennifer, Leo)

Location: outside

Weather: nice, upper-70’s


  • 2 Cyclists: Directions: Trail map, esp Auburndale
  • Will: Brakes overhaul (2 new pads), adjust
  • Alex: Check Kaytie’s bike. Center one brake assembly.
  • Cyclist: Squeaking disk brake. Leo was going to check for stuck pad, but Jennifer suggested 1st verifying wheel seating and alignment. Turned out wheel had not been completely seated and was slightly out of alignment. Jennifer also instructed how to use pad position adj. screw.
  • New Schwinn (just assembled by owner): General check. Adjust center rear derailleur. Align pads & center front brake. Adjust fender stays to eliminate fender rubbing.

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