6/11/17 Open lab log

Sun 6/11 (Jennifer, Leo)

Location: outside

Weather: nice, mid-70’s

Here’s a quick recap of the open lab:

  • Sharon: Rotate brake pads (she had primarily been forced to use rear brake to avoid going over handlebars, so this is also a big safety improvement). Rough true rear wheel. Adjust brakes. Investigated loose crank: appears to need new bearings. Sharon stayed an hour or so using stand and tools and discussion to better understand bike maintenance. Leo asked Sharon to return so he can replace damaged spoke nipples.
  • Mike: Adjusted rear derailleur
  • Cyclist: Grease and adjust rear wheel ball bearings (cup/cone). Inflate tires.
  • Cyclist: Tighten loose brake cable
  • Cyclist: Adjust derailleur

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