6/4/17: Summer season begins

 6/4/17 (Nicole, Haink, Roman)

In the summer months, we try to be open every Sunday. June 4 was the first of our weekly openings, and it was a BUSY, busy time, one of the busiest Open Labs we’ve ever done. Luckily, one of our regular drop-ins stopped by and turned a few wrenches with us during the madness.

Here’s a summary of the day’s encounters:

  1. Brandeis student came in with wobbly front wheel – opened up front hub, added grease to bearing balls, re-adjusted bearing preload, and re-assembled. Big improvement!
  1. Our guest volunteer tuned up a bike for one of the residents of the nearby senior housing – adjusted chain slack on single speed drivetrain with coaster brake and pumped up tires. Owner complained of drivetrain noise – seems like it was the bearings in the bottom bracket starting to go. Recommended new bottom bracket. Front brake needed work but was missing some parts.
  1. Another bike from a different senior had a front wheel that was way out of true – so bad that front brake could not be adjusted. Fixed rear brake and pumped up tires. 
  1. A third senior needed front and rear brakes adjusted. Chain was very stretched so recommended not replacing anything because cassette and chainrings will likely need replacement also. Adjusted preload on headset.
  1. A rider passing by had questions about fine tuning brakes due to pad wear. We filled him in on using the barrel adjuster.
  1. 2 ladies stopped by at the very end – one needed seat height adjusted, and other needed to lube her chain (we were thrilled that she was quite comfortable doing that herself).
  1. A boy stopped by with his mother with a BMX bike – needed help adjusting seat height. Brakes were bad – cable and housings were pretty shot so we could not get brakes working. We will follow up offline about a lead on another used bicycle. 
  1. Lady stopped by complaining of noise coming from front wheel – turned out the noise was from a bag from the handlebars. 
  1. A gent stopped by with questions about what a “bike tune up” typically means. Had questions about different types of bikes, bike sizing, etc. Tuned up rear derailleur and lubed chain. Equipped him with free front and rear lights from the bike week stash.
  1. Hack of the day: a man stopped by with a rough bike – both derailleurs were not working leaving him in a very high gear. Removed broken front grip shifter (he didn’t want it anymore) and scavenged cable to permanently set rear derailleur in the lowest gear (see photo of hack). The bike would also drop the chain when pedaled in reverse due to the B-screw being missing (idler sprocket hitting cassette gear causing too much slack on top). Remedied this by using same cable from previous hack to pull the derailleur away from the cassette. Worked surprisingly well! 

Hack of the day: 2017-06-04 Hack-of-the-day (1024x576)

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