Bay State Bike Week Open Lab log

Sun 5/21 (Leo, Martha, Jennifer, Haink, Nicole)

Location: outside, some inside

Weather: nice, mid-60’s


This was our Bay State Bike Week event, and many of the bike lab organizers were able to be on hand for all or part of the day. Fun day!

–          People tend not to come very early, so we will start encouraging earlier arrivals.

–          The first two people were out touring around between Cambridge and Waltham. They pumped up their tires, asked about local bicycle routes and trails, and asked for directions to a nearby café. Bikes bring business to the downtown!

–          Two friends came by, pumped up their tires, and left very happy with a bunch of Bay State Bike Week swag.  

–          Mindy came by with a shifting problem on her rear derailleur. It turns out she had crashed the bike recently, and the hanger needed straightening. Haink took it inside and used the new vise to hold it while they straightened it. Worked nicely.

–          Roman has been by earlier labs with his old but nicely maintained 3-speed. He came by because he knew we had a truing stand. He worked with Nicole and Jennifer, pretty much doing the work himself.


–          A walker came by who wanted to donate “while she had some cash on her.” Awesome! 

–          A family stopped by to talk and see what we’re about. They were also happy to pick up a bunch of free swag.

–          Paul came by with a dirty tensioner wheel. He worked with Leo to clean it up, and things were much smoother shifting after that.

–          Another walker came by and said she would be back in June sometime with her somewhat new bicycle. It needs air and maybe a couple of adjustments

–          Ricky’s wheel had been pulled out of alignment by the chain. Leo showed him how to loosen the quick release, pull the wheel back to the stops, increase the quick release tension and clamp.

         A guy came by with no mechanical issues but a concern about sizing. He recently upped his bicycle commuting time and is uncomfortable on the bike. Nicole offered some suggestions.

–          Charlie had a stuck brake cable (binding in the housing). He and Leo spent a bunch of time getting some lubrication in the housing to free it up, putting the bike in various positions on the stand to get it done. They also adjusted the brake spring tension and cable travel.

–          At the end of the day, a couple of guys rode through and stopped to see what was going on. One was riding a beautiful custom bike from Brazil.  



Total donations today: $5

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