More April sun… then showers

Sunday, April 30 was quite the busy day! 


Two folks that had moved from California stopped by, primarily to have the brakes looked at on an old road bike. We showed them how to adjust one brake, and then they were able to work on the other!

A couple stopped by with a well-used bike (Roadmaster). Bearings were shot in the rear wheel and the bottom bracket but we got the rear shifting and fixed the front brake, but we also had to say that it would probably be cheaper to buy another bike, then trying to fix all of their problems. 🙁

A vintage Fuji had shifting issues; needed to adjust limit screws and cable slack for the front.

Another bike needed some air, chain needed lube, and some adjustments were needed to brakes and shifting.

And… someone else riding by needed air.

A vintage 3-speed English Hercules dude stopped by to chat, and we got a free test ride. Nice!

Started raining so we dashed inside and for our final trick, helped a mom and her daughter out with some brakes and shifting issues.


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