April snow showers

Josef Koudelka

Sun 4/2/17,  Location: outside; Weather: sunny, low-50’s (great outside in the sun)

The day started off a little… bleak, but we headed on down to open up the bike lab anyhow. Eventually the sun actually came out, and so did the people!

The first person that came by had a puzzling issue with his brake cables. Both brake cables and inline housing length adjusters were sticky in housing and/or frozen. It took a very long time, but eventually with a little lubrication and some elbow grease, they worked free; also adjusted cable lengths.

On the same bike, the rear derailleur sticky & cable sticky in housing: lubed, worked free, and adjusted cable length for full gear span and centering.

2017-04-02-2 2017-04-02-1

We went inside and discussed Charles River Trail and MCRT using map display. Also discussed bicycling as part of accepted transportation in Waltham and surrounding towns and cities. 

The gentleman we worked with in February came by to confirm that he wants to keep the work bike a single-speed and not try to replace the derailleur. Says it’s working fine.

Another gentleman stopped by the benches on the boardwalk to wring out his socks after  having ridden through the water under the Elm Street bridge. He had his restored Robin Hood 3-speed with coaster brake in rear and hand brake in front. We discussed “rescue” bikes and possible future use of Watch City Bike Lab tools on future projects of his. 

Haink and Nicole were also around to begin installation of our new truing stand and a fabulous old vise that they bought for the bike lab.


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