Open lab featuring Waltham cycling and walking paths

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School vacation week

We were open during museum hours for February school vacation week this year.

We prepared a couple of display boards showing the Charles River Path as well as the Mass Central Rail Trail, and put out various flyers about cycling and hiking in Waltham (thank you, Waltham Land Trust).

The weather ranged from somewhat seasonal 30’s to surprisingly un-seasonal, crazy-warm 70’s.  With temps 50 and above, and the sun shining, we were able to work outside on two of the days. Here are some highlights:

Thu 2/23/17,  Location: inside, warm 50

Two school vacationers came by. One bike needed air, brake handle needed adjusting, and we talked about a lever on his shifter that set it to either index or non-indexed shifting.

The second rider had a bike that he had built up himself. The front wheel didn’t spin very well, so Leo walked him through tools and procedure for front bearing cone adjustments. They also investigated a small squeak in cranks, but that problem was not identified enough to be addressed. 

A man and his son stopped by with a few issues that we worked on together: handlebars tightened; adjusted brake pads and cable tension (all cables); performed rough truing adjustment on rear wheel.

Fri 2/24/17, Location: inside and outside, Weather: crazy warm 50-73

The two young school vacationers from yesterday were back with different bikes and a younger brother. One bike had shocks that needed lubrication – dude was pretty psyched when that was done. The younger brother had fallen and the seat had slipped down to pinch his brake cable. We helped him fix that. We were unable to fix the derailleur because the shift handle was completely broken. One of the other boys said he’d be able to help address that, even had parts for it. They rode off in a happy pack. The kids were really fun.

Sat 2/25/17, Location: inside and outside, Weather: crazy warm 50-70

First up was a baby stroller tire that needed some attention: we had to dig out and then straighten the valve before giving the tires some air.

Joel Angiolillo stopped by from the Town of Weston to brainstorm ideas for Weston recreation board summer programming.  While he was there, we measured his chain and pretty much determined he should probably replace – it’s been 15 years!

Someone came by to discuss trailers for carrying babies and children around. Will likely stop by this summer. I’m pretty sure they joined the mailing list.

Someone came by with a new bike. Brakes and derailleurs needed adjusting.

Someone else came by with a cool old Raleigh 10-speed. Pumped up tires and lubed the chain.

Sun 2/26/17, Location: inside; Weather: more seasonal 30’s

A gentleman who uses his bike for his job came by following a crash that pretty much had destroyed his derailleur. He thinks his foot got jammed between the wheel and the derailleur. Leo got him going but then he came back almost right away with the exact same problem, so Leo shortened the chain and set him up to just use one gear. Ultimately, he decided he’d rather do without replacing the derailleur, keeping things simple. 


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