Sure is hot outside these days, but a ride along the river catches some nice breezes. Ice cream on Moody Street is a nice treat, and a stroll through the museum is also a great thing to do on a sultry Sunday afternoon.

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At the bike lab this summer, we’ve met a lot of awesome folks – people new to cycling, people just getting back into it, and experienced riders and mechanics.

The most common issues that people want to learn about include adjusting gears, adjusting brakes, pumping up tires, and oiling chains.

A couple of people came by last Sunday with a Five Buck Bike. It had a rusted up chain, the brake pads were useless, and the tires were looking, well …tired.  Some wrenching and some work on the brakes and chain proved that the bike was probably worth saving. We hope to see the owner again soon with some new parts so the bike will become totally safe and ready for riding.

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Want to learn how to get YOUR bike rolling? Want to just talk about riding around the Waltham area? We hope you’ll stop by. Every Sunday, 10:30-2:30, at the Charles River Museum of Industry. We’re right on the riverwalk.

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