Out and about on Sunday

In stark contrast to our snow-filled opening day on April 3, the weather for our next open lab this past Sunday was wonderful – warm and sunny, and not much of a breeze to worry about if you’re concerned about headwind. It seemed like half the city was out and about: walking, riding, chilling, and pitching in to clean up Moody Street.

Watch City Bike Lab organizers Jennifer, Leo, Martha, and Nathan were on hand, as well as our friend Jay and our “youth crew,” Jayson.

Here are some of the things we worked on:

  • Made a minor seat angle adjustment for a gentleman who happened to be riding by and thought we might be able to help him make his bike more comfortable.
  • Because we’re happy… Talked helmet adjustments and bike sizing for a multi-generational group of awesome Walthamites. Anyone want to guess who?BobMarcouHappy
  • Emma was out walking her wicked friendly dog, saw our sign, went home and came back with her bike. Although her tubes, tires, and brakes were in pretty good shape, the bike was no longer shifting. Leo and Nathan showed Emma how to oil the derailleur, but ultimately made a plan with Emma that she would use just the front shifter until cables and housing can be replaced all around. She’ll get these at a local bike shop and bring to next open lab.
  • IMG_2834 (1280x942)We also determined that Emma’s tires needed more air, and why not dust it off a bit with some cleaner and an old towel? Emma was pretty thrilled at the feel of her ride when she left, and we look forward to helping her install new shift cables in May!


While not helping our visitors, we had some of our own projects:

  • In a sure sign of spring and summer weather, Jennifer, an all-weather rider, switched out her studded winter tires for regular ones.IMG_2819


  • We’ve been fixing up Mayor McCarthy’s 1960’s vintage 3-speed Armstrong.Mayor McCarthy reading our flyerAt Sunday’s lab, Leo and Jayson installed new brake pads and cables. The best part was that we all got to take the bike for a spin.IMG_2829 (1280x968) We still have a few tweaks to do, but don’t be too surprised if you see Mayor McCarthy out for a slow roll in the coming weeks!

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